21 November 2011 - 9:30pm
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Mogees is an interactive gestural-based surface for real-time audio mosaicing. When the performer touches the surface, Mogees analyses the incoming audio signal and continuously looks for its closest segment within the sound database. These segments are played one after the other over time: this technique is called concatenative synthesis. For instance, loaded a series of voice samples, a graze in the surface could corresponds to a whispering while a scratch would trigger more shouted sounds. The wooden surface can be "played" with any tool such as hands and Mogees will always try to find a correspondent sound to it. It can also be applied to other sound sources such as voice or acoustic/electric instruments. Mooges has been developed in collaboration with Norbert Schnell and takes full advantage of the MuBu environment for MaxMSP. It is currently used in the Airplay project by the IRCAM composer Lorenzo Pagliei. By Bruno Zamborlin. More info:

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