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The project outcomes were structured into 17 deliverables and subsequent progress milestones were documented in a form of periodical reports.


Deliverable 1.1 Intermediary report [month 9]

Deliverable 1.2 Final public report [month 18]

Deliverable 2.1 Documentation hub [month 6]

Deliverable 2.2 Written report [month 9]

Deliverable 2.3 Final version of the web-based documentation hub [month 18]

Deliverable 3.1 Specification of the roadmapping process [month 6]

Deliverable 3.2 Intermediate version of the roadmap [month 9]

Deliverable 3.3 MIR Research Roadmap [month 16]

Deliverable 4.1 Web site and wiki active [month 1]

Deliverable 4.2 Intermediate version of MIReS scientific collection [month 9]

Deliverable 4.3 Final version of MIReS scientific collection [month 18]

Deliverable 5.1 Intermediary summary of all events organised [month 9]

Deliverable 5.2 Final summary of all events organised [month 12]

Deliverable 5.3 Final Summary of the contributions [month 13]

Deliverable 6.1 Proposal document for the establishment of a research-to-industry network [month 15]

Deliverable 6.2 Digital framework for a research-to-industry network [month 18]


Milestone 1 Definition of the roadmapping process following strategic meeting [month 6]

Milestone 2 Report on the meta-analysis of MIR research trends [month 9]

Milestone 3 First draft of roadmap structure and basic contents in place [month 9]

Milestone 4 First summary of all information gathered from organised events [month 12]

Milestone 5 Completed proposal for research-to-industry network [month 15]

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