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Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch

The field of Music Information Retrieval (MIR) has centered primarily on the analysis of sound for the purpose of more efficient search and faster access to digital collections of recorded music. The advent of web-mediated social networks has led to the evolution of music networks and numerous music-related communities. This has created a dynamic global market for digital music and collateral products and services with significant challenges and huge opportunities for exploitation. For Europe to leverage its position as a world leader in music creativity, production and mobile distribution, a programme of digital music search technology is needed in order to ensure coherent targeted support for innovation and underpin competitive strategies for maintaining European excellence. The roadmap for the future of MIR includes a framework for cooperation and co-creation across academic communities and a virtual centre of excellence for music-related and MIR-relevant studies. Within this wider context we proposed to refer to the field of MIR as Music Information ReSearch and thus widen its scope, ensuring its focus is centered on quality of experience with greater relevance to human networks and communities.




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