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The overall strategy of the work within the scopes of the project was divided into distinct Work Packages, each addressing an essential component area of the Coordination Action.

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WP 1 -- Project Management

Work Package 1 outlines a plan for effective management of the Coordination Action and the related reporting strategy.

WP 2 -- Meta-Analysis of the MIR Discipline

Work Package 2 focuses on the Meta-Analysis of the MIR Discipline, and is divided into distinct thematic areas, each one handled by a consortium partner. It has direct influence over the content used in Dissemination (WP4) and in laying the foundations of the writing of the Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch (WP3).

WP 3 -- Roadmap Document for Music Information ReSearch

Work Package 3 focuses on creating the Roadmap for Music Information ReSearch covering outstanding research issues, horizon scanning & technology foresight and market futures for related services. It is built upon the report generated by WP2 in Month 9 and on the knowledge gathered and generated during the events organised by Community Co-creativity and New Knowledge Generation: Hubs and Spokes (WP5).

WP 4 -- Dissemination: Wiki, Publications, Conferences and Workshops

Work Package 4 is dedicated to the wide dissemination of knowledge about MIReS, gathered both from the meta-analysis of the disciplne (WP2) and from the Roadmap findings (WP3) and involves wiki, publications, conferences, workshops, international researchers and external stakeholders.

WP 5 -- Community Co-creativity and New Knowledge Generation (Hubs and Spokes)

Work Package 5 is devoted to Community Co-creativity and New Knowledge Generation: Hubs and Spokes, and involves members from academic disciplines, international researchers, different age groups, multicultural communities, events with EU Associate countries, and a variety of industry stakeholders.

WP 6 -- Framework for an MIReS Network of Excellence: Research-to-Industry

Work Package 6 provides the framework for a network of MIReS excellence from research-to-industry in view of ensuring efficient communication and transfer of innovation to industry in the long-term and continuing to inform policies beyond the lifetime of the proposal.

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