26 June 2012 - 10:04pm
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sound/tracks is a novel tool designed to transform your train journey into a unique musical experience.
When travelling on a train, many people enjoy looking out of the window and watching the landscape passing by. The fleeting impressions of the moving scenery and the composition of the passing objects generate a piece of visual music with its own tempo and rhythm, its own colours and harmonies.
The project sound/tracks aims at capturing these visual impressions and translates them into a musical composition in real-time -- producing an immediate soundtrack to the train journey based on the passing scenery. The view out of the window is captured with a camera and translated into instantaneously played back piano music. This yields a reflection of the visual impression, adding a synaesthetic sound dimension to the visual experience and deepening the state of contemplation. The passing scenery can be considered the score of a musical composition which is going to be interpreted based on outside conditions such as weather and lighting, the speed of the train, and the quality of the camera. Thus, every journey will produce a unique composition. In addition to intensifying the experience of a train journey, sound/tracks permits to persistently capture and archive the fleeting impressions of journey and composition and allows for re-experiencing the trip both visually and acoustically at a later point.

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